Workshop: Type Systems

We live in a (new) golden age of systemic type design. New technologies and easy to use programmes leveled the playfield for emerging designers and gave them the chance to experiment with new ideas. The world of display fonts has witnessed a lot of new impulses in the last years. Type has become more flexible, variable and kinetic as ever, adjusting efficiently and effectively to new communication channels. Participants from any design field and any level are welcome in this workshop. The groups won’t be bigger than 10 persons. This online workshop is offered as part of the kickstarter campaign for Martin’s book about systems. The fee of 650€ includes therefore a copy of the book. Please book the workshop by buying the workshop reward: 

Update: If you are interested in the workshop but do not want to pre-order a(nother) book, please send us an email to info(at)

Systemic Type Design is more than designing fonts. A type system is an efficient design tool that helps designers to design. If done well, the act of writing is the act of designing without the  need to further layout the text. In this course we will develop an experimental type system that almost automatically generates fantastic design applications.

  • Day 1: A lecture about the history of systemic type design, from Albrecht Dürer, to Wim Crouwel, to contemporary examples of variable and kinetic typography. The participants start collecting first ideas.
  • Day 2: Each of the participants picks an object or shape as a starting point to develop their own type system and the resulting applications.
  • Day 3: Finishing up the font. Depending on motivation and/or previous knowledge, the type design can be digitized in illustrator or glyphs and applied in any program you like.

The exact date will be defined in agreement with all participants. 

Online Systemic Type Design Workshop at the Elisava Master Degree in Graphic Design, Barcelona, December 2020
A selection of fonts, designed by the participants.