Workshop: Flexible Systems

Communication design is evolving from static to flexible. Martin Lorenz will teach you in a 3-Day Online Workshop (3 × 4 hrs) how to design flexible systems. The workshop gives you insight about history, present and future of flexible systems, as well as let’s you experiment with the systems you are interested in. Participants from any design field and any level are welcome. The groups won’t be bigger than 10 persons each. This online workshop is offered as part of the kickstarter campaign for Martin’s book about systems. The fee of 650€ includes therefore a copy of the book. Please book the workshop by buying the workshop reward:

Update: If you are interested in one of th workshop but do not want to pre-order a(nother) book, please send us an email to info(at)

Variable fonts, kinetic type, liquid branding, dynamic identities and generative design are just a few of the terms that we come across more and more often. They are indicators of a paradigm shift in communication design – the development from static to flexible.

The participants of this course get an insight into the history, present and future of flexible visual systems in communication design. You will learn what a flexible visual system is and what to consider when designing it.

The participants can experiment freely and will find that almost everything can be systematized. You break your own mental blocks and learn how to develop a functional, effective and efficient communication system from free experimentation. Use this workshop to expand your knowledge or challenge usual way of working.

  • Day 1: Lecture “What are flexible visual systems?”. History, present and future of flexible visual systems in communication design. Martin will show parts of his research, as well as explains how TwoPoints.Net is using systems.
  • Day 2: Experiments with systems. Pick an approach taught by Martin and see where it leads you.
  • Day 3: Apply the system to a variety of deliverables and present the result to the group.

The exact date will be defined in agreement with all participants.